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Happiness Happens

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How do you explain the color of the sky to someone who has never seen anything since the day he was born? How can you make a deaf man know the sound of the birds chirping or the waves crashing if he hadn’t been able to hear his own mother’s voice or his own cry since his birth? How do you make someone speak the language of the poets when he hadn’t even uttered his own name before? How do you explain beyond the senses?

Sometimes, you find yourself surprised when you suddenly realize that other people have struggles you had overcome a long time ago. That you gain some connection with a stranger—someone you never knew could understand you because you think they have never been in your shoes, never seen what you have seen, never done what you have done. You used to think that your pain is yours and yours alone—that nobody could have been through it besides you. Or you could be lucky: you could meet someone and never understand his pain because you never were in that kind of extreme suffering, you never walked in his shoes, you never saw what he is seeing, you never did what he is doing just to get by each day. You could be the survivor or you could be the lucky one. But either way, if you are a person who cares, you will encounter this dilemma—the plight of the empath: How do you explain beyond the senses?

It has been a challenge to me the past few days how to make someone understand what he has never experienced before. I would like to believe that I am a survivor. See, this person I met, his life is tiptoeing between being bullied and being unnoticed. He is constantly ridiculed for his looks (I don’t think he is ugly but where he comes from, his looks do not fit into the category of ‘beautiful’. Do not even get me started with the ridiculous social conventions we millennials have.), he is continually ignored by girls because he wasn’t “cool” in their definition—he likes things that not everybody likes. But they do not see how helpful he is or how he goes out of his way just to help people. They do not see how resourceful he is, him being a scout. They do not see how easy it was for him to see good in people though he never was seen as good by the people around him. Now here comes his depression. He sees good in people but cannot see that in himself. Now, how do I make him see his beauty if he was blinded by the society? How do I make him hear the kind words I have for him if he was hearing screaming mockery from the people around him? How can I make him say to himself that he is kind and good and generous if those who are close to him are muffling his voice?

Now, see, I also believe I am a lucky one because I have survived when I thought I wouldn’t. I thought the bullies will never stop. I thought I will never have friends. I thought nobody would love me. I used to be a mess, then when I was about to give up, good people started coming into my life. I don’t know if that was luck or just that the tides were suddenly shifting, but I never knew that happiness would happen to me. Now how do I make him understand that? How do I make him understand that things will get better? I keep telling him that life sucks until it won’t. But how can I make him believe it? How can I say that everything will be good when all he experiences is bad? How do I convince him not give up on life altogether? How do you make someone believe that if things are bad today it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad forever?

If you are a survivor or a lucky one, I guess you just don’t give up easily. Stand by them. Be there. But if you are also experiencing the same things my friend is experiencing, I am telling you, happiness happens.


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“the thing that we imagine will always be better than any real approximation of it that might come to exist.”

-John Green

We decide what matters to us

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In the author’s note, I was trying to say several things. Most importantly, I was asking my readers—many of whom know me and know my past—not to read the novel as autobiography, or to try to find facts in it. Secondly, I was arguing that made-up stories can matter, that they matter to us in the real everyday world just as much (and in many cases more than) the real people we know and the real things we do. Made-up stories matter for precisely the same reason that anything matters: because we decide they matter, because we imbue them with meaning.

By John Green


"...but only in poetry can men be truly free. It was always thus and always thus will be."

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