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Happiness Happens

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How do you explain the color of the sky to someone who has never seen anything since the day he was born? How can you make a deaf man know the sound of the birds chirping or the waves crashing if he hadn’t been able to hear his own mother’s voice or his own cry since his birth? How do you make someone speak the language of the poets when he hadn’t even uttered his own name before? How do you explain beyond the senses?

Sometimes, you find yourself surprised when you suddenly realize that other people have struggles you had overcome a long time ago. That you gain some connection with a stranger—someone you never knew could understand you because you think they have never been in your shoes, never seen what you have seen, never done what you have done. You used to think that your pain is yours and yours alone—that nobody could have been through it besides you. Or you could be lucky: you could meet someone and never understand his pain because you never were in that kind of extreme suffering, you never walked in his shoes, you never saw what he is seeing, you never did what he is doing just to get by each day. You could be the survivor or you could be the lucky one. But either way, if you are a person who cares, you will encounter this dilemma—the plight of the empath: How do you explain beyond the senses?

It has been a challenge to me the past few days how to make someone understand what he has never experienced before. I would like to believe that I am a survivor. See, this person I met, his life is tiptoeing between being bullied and being unnoticed. He is constantly ridiculed for his looks (I don’t think he is ugly but where he comes from, his looks do not fit into the category of ‘beautiful’. Do not even get me started with the ridiculous social conventions we millennials have.), he is continually ignored by girls because he wasn’t “cool” in their definition—he likes things that not everybody likes. But they do not see how helpful he is or how he goes out of his way just to help people. They do not see how resourceful he is, him being a scout. They do not see how easy it was for him to see good in people though he never was seen as good by the people around him. Now here comes his depression. He sees good in people but cannot see that in himself. Now, how do I make him see his beauty if he was blinded by the society? How do I make him hear the kind words I have for him if he was hearing screaming mockery from the people around him? How can I make him say to himself that he is kind and good and generous if those who are close to him are muffling his voice?

Now, see, I also believe I am a lucky one because I have survived when I thought I wouldn’t. I thought the bullies will never stop. I thought I will never have friends. I thought nobody would love me. I used to be a mess, then when I was about to give up, good people started coming into my life. I don’t know if that was luck or just that the tides were suddenly shifting, but I never knew that happiness would happen to me. Now how do I make him understand that? How do I make him understand that things will get better? I keep telling him that life sucks until it won’t. But how can I make him believe it? How can I say that everything will be good when all he experiences is bad? How do I convince him not give up on life altogether? How do you make someone believe that if things are bad today it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad forever?

If you are a survivor or a lucky one, I guess you just don’t give up easily. Stand by them. Be there. But if you are also experiencing the same things my friend is experiencing, I am telling you, happiness happens.


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As much as I tried to tell myself I can survive alone, constantly refusing every help offered to me. In the end, I did what everyone who is afraid to be alone does.

In this world where there is no middle ground. It is a constant struggle to find where you belong. This generation that is indecisive of what it really wants. Humanity whose ancestral culture is to marry the most “suitable partner” in terms of their wealth and not love. We are torn whether to choose to be alone, make a name for ourselves, be successful in our career; or love passionately the person that does not necessarily give us worldly wealth.

There are always judgments lurking. If you love passionately a societal delinquent, you come off as a hopeless child who is not thinking clearly. If you marry a well off body, you are a climber. If you don’t marry at all or don’t have kids, you are ambitious (they make it sound like it’s a bad thing to pursue things beyond your origins) and selfish.

There seems to be no safe place. You will always be categorized.

That is the problem for a man who is constantly afloat. Whose desires are intense but fleeting. This man does not want to be categorized at all.

But in this generation of “labelism”, where there is a name for everything, such attempts are futile.

Some people who indeed marry someone they truly desire and be “successful” in the accepted social standard, are called “lucky”. Like hard work is but an abstract and exclusive thing. This generation prides itself in being the liberating force of the nature of humanity, but it does not recognize the frivolity of naming everything. Labelism does not liberate, it segregates one person from the other. In this world of materialism, where anything abstract is a thing of the gods and the proud, there is no freedom. This generation likes to “call out”—which in most cases is a truly magnificent thing—but almost everything is being called out. A generation of loudness, a generation of childhood. We are free to do anything it has left us both lost and proud. Finding the balance is never an easy thing—not impossible.

And the problem of the man who does not want to belong anywhere constructs an absurdity. For someone who does not fit in a category, fits in the uncategorized which also creates a stricture in a sense.

And the man is left to ask himself: Where do we really belong? Where do we want to belong?

5 reasons I don’t trust most Christians

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This is not a message of hatred. And the things I will say surely does not apply to everyone. I still have friends among the Christian community after all. I know that they say that we have to stop looking to the people in the church for perfection and I am not. I know that people keep saying that faith should not be dependent on people because, people will “fall short”. And I almost do not care most of the time. But it just gets to me when all I see or hear from them is how they are compassionate, how they are concerned about the people around them or whatever. But,

1. They are so quick to judge.

And they are so great at semi-hiding it. I do not need to say more about this. And…

2. They will talk behind your back.

They will tell a fellow worshiper about someone’s “struggles” so that they could pray for that someone. I mean, maybe it is okay to tell a person or two, but a group? That is simply a covert condescending form of gossiping. If you really care, maybe stop announcing someone else’s “struggles”.

3. They make you feel like they are better than you.

Need I say more?

4. They tell you there is only one way to be happy.

Classic example: They say marriages won’t work out fine when Jesus is not the center of it all. I mean, I get that people really get things going good for them worshiping Jesus. And I believe them. What I find hard to believe, is that the others, who are not Christians, can not have a good life too. I have seen other couples who genuinely live a full and happy life too.

Christians do not have a monopoly on happiness.

They are not the only ones who can love truly. We can too. Because I believe that we are all created to love and be loved, regardless of what we believe in. I think that should be the true mark that we have been created by a God who cares about us. That is one of the things that keeps me believing that Someone out there cares.

5. Their hands which they raise every Sunday, are not helping when there is a calamity.

I am not an active volunteer for the community, but I do not profess to be compassionate about the people around me all the time. They say, they want earth to be a better place, but where can they be found when a city is suffering like hell? They are just praying. Prayers are good so long as you try to be the answer to some of your prayers too.


Some people will hate me for this statement. Or they will say, I am lost and I need prayers. Maybe they are right. Maybe not. After all, I’m just a person who used to attend church and “lost her way”.

But a few people will still care for me as a friend. Because, I think I should tell you this, when a Christian genuinely cares for you, you got yourself a great friend and you will know and feel it for sure. There are still good guys out there.

The Shawshank Redemption

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The Shawshank Redemption


Frank Darabont


Stephen King (short story “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption”), Frank Darabont (screenplay)

This is one of the most well written screenplays I’ve ever watched. This is definitely worth your time. I will not need to say more.

“I’m only human”

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Seems like a reason that is so far away from us now. Somehow it just turned into a sentence that has really lost its meaning. It’s like when you’re repeating a word over and over and finally the word loses its meaning to you. You know that the meaning is there, you’ve just worn it out by saying it a lot. It’s like you’re stretching the words when you keep saying them and they stretch to their limit that they become meaningless rubber bands. They can’t bind thoughts into meaningful sentences anymore. And they can’t seem to let the meaning hold on to you too unless you stop stressing them and rest for a while.

I think we should remember to stop thinking “we’re only human” to know what it really means to be human.
Surely, being human is making mistakes. But that is not all that we are. We just have to rest and welcome it back, and let the meaning come back to its original shape.

2 Reasons Why

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I don’t usually give advices about how to live one’s life. But I really hate it when people keep telling that in life, we must follow the ‘less words more action’ mantra because otherwise, you’ll be unhappy.

I have a lot of reasons for hating that quote. But I’ll only say what’s necessary:

1. People who say this usually don’t even live by it.
Proof: they are posting that judgmental quote. if you really believe in that mantra, you don’t have to chant it, you just do it! You believe in actions over words remember?

2. It’s like they’re telling the best way to live is to live in passivity. There is beauty in silence, I know, but speaking up is one of the powers of being alive. Utilize that power.

I hate to live in a world where I will be judged for the words I say just because it exceeds the socially constructed quota.

Actions are important, most certainly. But without words they could be misinterpreted. Or worse, go unnoticed.

I would want to live a life where I can follow “Think more. Say important words more. Act on what you say more.” principle.

We are all gonna judge anyway. But only judge me for the quality of my words not the quantity.

Speaking less unnecessary words… Makes way much more sense to me.

It’s my opinion.

I’m a girl reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo who also Played With Fire and managed to Kick The Hornet’s Nest

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In short: The Millenium Trilogy.

I am now deep on the third and last volume of this epic trilogy. This is quite a read. I don’t usually give reviews publicly of books I read because I don’t feel that there is a need to do it. Besides, who am I to give such reviews? I am just here to devour as much books as I can. My relationship with my books is between the book and me.

Having said that, I would not focus on what I feel about this book. But what I feel about how I feel about this book. But all I am willing to say is that my interest for history has piqued while reading this trilogy.

If there is anyone out there who could be so generous as to give me a list of good (unbiased) books about the Cold War or the Soviet Union or anything related at all that could help me understand what really happened in that era, please do contact me. Please.


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