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How to write a country song

Posted in Words of Boredom with tags , , , , , , on January 24, 2016 by rachelcipriano

1. Pick up a guitar and clip the capo on the fourth or fifth fret. Doesn’t matter so long as its far from the first.

2. Tell something about your:

  • momma‘ or your ‘daddy
  • the old pickup truck you drive
  • about your dreams and the blue sky

3. you could also include the church in your town while you’re at it. 

4. Maybe use a harmonica or just whistle. That’ll do.

5. And also, always include “God” at least once in the song. 


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If a flower is time I’d give you a garden.
If a star means one kiss I’d give you a galaxy.
If a raindrop is a hug, forgive me for the storm.
And if a teardrop means love, can you swim?

This seems feminist ’cause there are just too many sexists in this world

Posted in Words of Boredom with tags , , , , , , on September 15, 2013 by rachelcipriano

When a woman cries nobody really gives a crap anymore. They say “it’s normal.” yes. It’s usual for us to feel like this. It’s normal to see us down. But it is never easy. All those ‘normal’ times you see us freaking miserable, it isn’t any less painful than the first ones. Increased exposure to pain doesn’t build tolerance. You just get used to it–get used to feeling it but never get used to the feeling.

Do not use this against us.

Let me

Posted in Words of Boredom with tags , , , , on August 1, 2013 by rachelcipriano

Why can’t we just go on living and not care for what other people would think. I just want to be me. I know being me is not the best thing you’ll see–trust me, I know the mess that I am but it’s all I want to be now. Life is too short.

You think you know

Posted in Words of Boredom on July 20, 2013 by rachelcipriano

But you don’t. What’s going on in the head of a suicidal person nobody can’t know exactly. Do not judge.

This is it, I guess

Posted in Broken Bones, Words of Boredom with tags , , , , on June 30, 2013 by rachelcipriano

No letter. Or anything. No sweet notes. Well, being born in the 21st century already took its toll on me.

Sudden Change

Posted in Broken Bones, Words of Boredom on June 27, 2013 by rachelcipriano

I’ve never been a fan of death. What a sudden change.


"...but only in poetry can men be truly free. It was always thus and always thus will be."

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