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All the wooden boards creak
naturally as I wander
in the dusty room at the peak.
Tonight until later
everytime—I have stayed
believing I wasn’t just a trade.

Writing prompt No. 16 from CWN: Write a poem about something or someone you lost.


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This was warmth’s farewell,
the spray of cold rain,
and Thanksgiving while the leaves fell.
We tasted of love in a drunken spell.
But I knew your heart so well,
a migrant wherein nothing can dwell.

Four Seasons Project.
4 days of poetry about each season.
Day 4 of FSP: Autumn


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The four angels belted out
a park slide song.
Y’think people would be bustling about,
sweltering under the sun.
But thought the ‘massah king was the key
to blackey killing whitey.
So he sent his family
to a helter-skelter offing spree.

Four Seasons Project.
4 days of poetry about each season.
Day 3 of FSP: Summer


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The bloom of snowdrops beckon
the rebirth of a fallen bird.
Into a hare scampering, on
verdant horizon.
The footprints of the vernal goddess
thaw puddles.
The land abloom—and dressed
in the fickle drizzle’s caress.

Four Seasons Project.
4 days of poetry about each season.
Day 2 of FSP: Spring


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The bleak land lies
as both witness and executioner
while the guiltless condemned dies.
The piercing wind
stabs human porcelains—lost
foraging a forest of hoarfrost.
This is the annihilation in ’32 to ’33
that everyone is too blind to see.

Four Seasons Project.
4 days of poetry about each season.
Day 1 of FSP: Winter


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Sauntering through this forest of towers, casually crossing paths with people grinning with their teeth. Wiry hands and bony legs bewitch you. Ghoulish hallowed figures of the night. In this land you’ll never find the afflicted. Piercing misery is hidden by enchanting costumes. I shiver, finding I wear the same mask.

Writing prompt by Rayna Halloway: use the words afflicted, shiver, pierce, teeth, hallowed

SuperMe in an Alternate Universe

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Daily Prompt: A Bird, a Plane, You!
by michelle w. on November 22, 2013

You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:

  • the ability to speak and understand any language
  • the ability to travel through time
  • the ability to make any two people agree with each other

Photographers, artists, poets: show us POWER.

I think we all have this kind of moment, amidst the popularity of action figures, superheroes, mutants, name it, I bet you’ve seen it all in movies, televisions, comic books, there came a time to us when we asked ourselves what kind of power we’d want to possess.

But what is power? Is it just another objective idea? The concept of just a What? Or is power subjective?

To say what super trait we want to have is so easy. I bet you already have one in mind.  But when is a super trait powerful? When do you know that what you’re possessing is power?

Power is about relativism.

The ability to speak any language sounds really good. What a convenience would it be to not get lost in translation. What a convenience would it be to express and understand. But if you’re in a hypothetical city where people doesn’t care what the other has to say. We may have the ability but have no power over that kind of city.

Same with the ability to travel through time. What are the probable course of actions to take if we could travel through time? Change history? Maybe assassin bad leaders of the past? Alter chronology of inventions? But what good would that bring? Of course there are always silver linings to each cloud. But where will this cloud take you? Where will this cloud take us? This time we would surely have the effect. And power is about effectiveness or influence. Power will surely come to work, but to what good?

The ability to make people agree with each other sounds so peaceful. But that is frightening too. First, whose terms would be agreed upon? Second, who will choose whose party should be agreed upon? Third, this is not just about good and bad decisions anymore, this is about removing decisions from the people entirely. Sure, one agreement will be made but where is the consciousness? Power to remove consciousness is the most wicked of all I think.

So what power do I want to have? I know you think I’m breaking rules by not choosing one from the three options given or that I’m missing the point. But this is my power to not choose from the three because I know I cannot handle any of those powers. Maybe in some alternate universe, there is power in admitting weakness to handle such power.


"...but only in poetry can men be truly free. It was always thus and always thus will be."

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